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Hoopdance increases physical, mental and spiritual awareness through a fun fitness practice and moving meditation.

Benefits of Hoopdance


  • fun, creative, personal way of becoming physically fit
  • burns 400 to 600 calories per hour
  • strengthening of core muscles
  • toning of the arms and legs
  • freeing up of hips and spine and increased flexibility
  • increased hand-eye coordination and dexterity


  • soothes the mind inducing joy and calm feelings
  • centers the mind and increases focus
  • mind-body connection is executed with a feeling of flow through movement


  • with practice one may find an expansive place of peace and connection to the present moment
  • reconnects us with the greater play¬† of life
  • in Hoopdance, fun is a given and transcend-dance is a possibility where it can take us back the ancient connection between spirit and dance