Buying a Hoop

Buy one of our Colorful Hoop SelectionsWe can certainly guide and help you when buying your hoop.  Generally speaking, the larger heavier the hoop the slower it is and the easier it is to hoop.  The smaller the hoop the lighter it is and the more reactive the hoop becomes (better for intermediate hooping).  The smaller hoops are also better for arm work and off body movements.  Kids do well with smaller hoops as well.

Please scroll down to look at pictures for inspiration when ordering your hoop!

Beginner Hoop



38″-42″ diameter, 160 psi, 3/4 inch

2 to 3 types of decorative tapes

Intermediate Hoop/Off Body Hoop

32″-36″ diameter, 120-160psi, 3/4 or 1/2 inch

2 to 3 types of decorative tape


Kids’ Hoops

32″-36″ diameter, 160 psi, 3/4 tubing

2 types of decorative tape


Give us a call and let us know your preference in colors and we can help you determine which hoop would be best suited to your hoopdance level and preferences.  We will custom design a hoop just for you!