Kristina Sutcliffe Kristina is the owner of  O Dance  who grew up dancing all over the world.  She moved with her family from country to country with dance and family being the stability in her life. She studied in professional ballet schools through out her childhood and finally culminating in a BA in Modern Dance from the University of Colorado. She had several offers to dance professionally in New York and San Fransisco. Today she is an addicted salsa dancer,  a certified Hoop Dance and Zumba instructor and a lover of movement. She received her Hoopdance certification from Rayna McInturf of Hoopnotica in California and is very excited to share with you the elements of hoopdance and the pure joy of moving with the hoop.


Kristina Sutcliffe Kristina Sutcliffe Zumba Instructor Boulder Colorado Kristina’s love for Latin music and Latin dance led her to get certified to teach Zumba. Kristina has been dancing Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Cumbia and other various latin rhythms now for five years and has realized the amazing workout these dances can provide; increasing endurance, strenghening the core, arms and legs. ” I cannot think of better way to ‘workout’. ” .